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Welcome to my first blog!
My name is Benito Meeuwse A.K.A El Bandito i am 26 years old and i live in a small town called: Terneuzen in the Netherlands.
currently i am working as a high pressure industrial operator and spend my free time as a musican.
I started with making songs in 2012 when i get introduced in the EDM scene.
My musical journey started like this:

My friends told me that there was a cool party at our local club, so they asked me if i wanted to join them to the party.
And i am almost always in, for a party!!!
A couple of weeks before i went to the same club and they where playing awfull electronic music.
I didn’t understand why people enjoy and listen to this music. it sounds like electronic heavy metal combined with Hardcore rave music.
So when my friends asked me if i wanted to join them to this party,
I was hoping they don’t play those terrible electronic music, like the last time, i went to that club.
And what do you think? We go inside the club and they where playing these awfull electronic music like the last time i visit the club.
So i asked my friends: what is this for shitty music?
They say it’s called Dubstep.
I looked around in the club and i saw people doing crazy dance moves and party like a animal hahaha.
After a half hour and a couple of drinks later, i started to enjoy this music and a couple of hours later i was dancing like those other people and party like a animal!!!

So after this party i joined every weekend a Dubstep/Drum & Bass party.
One time i went to a Dubstep party and the name of the party was: Wasted 2, in Gent (Belgium)
When i saw how all those people are going crazy on this music, i thought i want to be a dj/producer to.
So the next day i downloaded FLstudio and started to make Dubstep and Drum & Bass.
I didn’t understand sound enginering and musical theory.
So my beats sounds shitty they where bad really bad !!!
After alot of tutorials on youtube how to make dubstep and use Fl studio, I become better and better.
Later i decieded to switch to ableton and i wanted to learn how to be a Dj.
So i went to a music shop and bought a Pionneer DDj-T1 Dj controller and Ableton 8 live.
i started to mix alot of songs with the dj controler mixing was easy after a couple of days i could Dj properly.

My Dj skills where good but my music production was still not good enough.
Since my youth i listened to alot of Reggae songs, I growed up with alot of soul and reggae music.
So i started to experiment with Reggae and Dubstep.
My first collab was with Vandestraate a local Hiphop artist.
And we made a Reggae Dubstep song called: Nu is het tijd, it means Now is the time.

The song was catchy and cool but it was still simple music production.
after a while i started to study the music theory and instruments.
I started to watch alot of Youtube tutorials how to make Reggae and how to play Reggae on the piano.
I learned to play piano and after a while i bought my first bass guitar.
I practiced alot of Bob Marley songs and after a couple of months i could play the most populair songs of Bob marley on the bass guitar and piano.
In the meanwhile i become friends with alot of musicans and producers.
One of these musicans is Joeye Leenheer,
This dude got some crazy Blues skillz one the piano.
He teached me how to play Blues and Ragtime on the piano.
At that moment music become my life i spend alot of hours to learn different music styles and different instruments,
I learned to play guitar, Drums, a little bit violin i also bought a trombone(still got to lern it properly)
i learned to play Ukulele, Drum, Timbale, Bongo, Conga.
And learned how to play these instruments in different genres like: Hiphop, Reggae, Dub, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Bossa nova.

After 5 years of spending alot of time in studying music.
Im ready for shows,
I have recently released my first official album: The Walking Dread.
The album contain 22 tracks and it’s avaible in multiple stores like: Itunes, Google play, Deezer Amazon and alot of other stores.
I worked with various artist on this album from different country’s
Like: Sennid Simon(USA), Nathalie Hernandez(USA) and Sheik General (Germany)
In these album i experimented with the 432 hz tuning.
For me 432hz is the perfect tuning it sounds fuller mellow and nicer.
I wanted to make the Dubstep, Drum and bass, Rave songs also in 432 hz but it sounds strange so i kept it in 440hz.
Experience in the video below, the differnces between 432hz and 440hz

So yeah what are the plans for the future?
Making alot of music and hopefully i can give some awesome shows.
I recently bought some new Dj Gear and a Gopro so you expect some cool mixes and some vlogging as wel.
Stay tuned for the latest news.
If you want, you can join my mail list.
So you know when i release some new music, videos and blogs.
I hope you guys enjoyed my blog.
Greetings and blessings.

El Bandito




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