The story of Benito Luis Alfonso Meeuwse A. K. A El Bandito goes way back to my childhood when
I learned to beat box and tried a lot of different instrument like: Bass guitar, Guitar, Organ, Piano,
some percussion like: Conga’s, Bongo’s, Timbales and Drums.

The electronic music thing came somewhere in 2012 also as my first gig at and old pub in my hometown
Terneuzen called: vuuf voor twaelf . To become better at producing music I decided to study
different kinds of musical genre’s (and the instruments used therein). So I studied a lot about: Reggae,
Dub, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Drumstep, Hip hop, G-funk, Funk, Disco, Latin, Blues, Jazz, Deep
House, Hardcore, and Zouk.

In 2014 the whole thing suddenly become serious when I started my own record label: Natty Dread
Head Records and then it got even more serious when I released my first full length album in 2017: The walking Dread which is an mix between old and new styles of music.On this label and album I worked with different kinds of artists like: Sennid, Nathalie Hernandez,
Sheik General, Vandestraate, Bdread, Ghetto youths, Sionman, and 8style.

Now, plans for the future are bright; we are going to shoot an music-video in Duisburg Germany with
Sheik General and off course we are going to plan a lot of gigs! So please come and join me in the